2020 Unemployment Crisis: Must-have Tech Skills to Become a Remote Worker during Isolation6 min read

2020 Unemployment Crisis: Must-have Tech Skills to Become a Remote Worker during Isolation6 min read

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are working remotely, let’s look at some skills that could help you get such a job.

The coronavirus lockdown forced employers to implement new strategies. As workers couldn’t go to the workplace to do their duties, organizations leaned on remote workers to survive. Nowadays, remote work has become the new standard. And it’s made jobless people struggle to get a new position. 

In April 2020, the US unemployment rate grew to 14.7 percent. It’s been the worst rate since the Great Depression. The coronavirus unemployment crisis only made the digital transition go faster. So, if you’re willing to get a new job, you must add new tech skills to your toolbox.

Here are some tech skills that are indispensable to become a remote worker these days. They will help you to become an attractive candidate and land a job during isolation.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is what makes smart systems unique. It provides systems and robots the ability to learn from experience. Nowadays, companies use machine learning to design better products and provide better services. For example, Netflix uses machine learning to provide customers with recommendations based on previously watched content. And it all can be done without human intervention.

When a developer implements machine learning algorithms, it’s like bringing a little child to life. They have to teach the system how to perform. By analyzing inputs, the system will learn and become better at specific tasks. For example, Tesla uses machine learning to provide its cars with the ability to drive. Tesla’s cars analyze pilots’ driving techniques. Then, they learn how to move without drivers’ hands on the wheel.

On the other hand, data scientists use machine learning algorithms to analyze data and create better insights. Companies are in a hunt for candidates with data science skills. As they can lead organizations to success, they have become vital for companies to run. And because of their abilities, they do their duties from any place. They only need an Internet connection and access to companies’ databases. 

Many coding bootcamps offer courses to get equipped with machine learning skills. If you seek to stand out from the competition, you should enroll in Thinkful’s online courses. The company is dedicated to your success and, as a result, you’ll learn from experts in the field.

Thinkful’s Data Science Flex course allows you to get skilled in only 24 weeks. By learning in-demand programming tools like SQL and Python, you’ll convince any employer. Thinkful has designed the course to fit your needs. Given that, you’ll learn at your own pace. And no matter how busy you are, there will be no excuses to learn.   


Websites have played a key role these days. In the online retail industry, they have become necessary to give customers what they need. During the coronavirus lockdown, most customers used websites to make their purchases. For that reason, their demands are now higher, and companies are desperately looking for candidates with web development skills.

Learning JavaScript is a must to become a web developer. It’s an excellent tool for back end development as well as front end development. By using JavaScript’s frameworks, developers can focus on the design instead of coding. Given that, they can build more interactive websites in less time.

In 2020, a JavaScript front end developer’s salary is, on average, $115K per year. In that case, learning JavaScript will enable you not only to become a remote worker but to change your lifestyle. JavaScript bootcamps are a great option to start learning. They allow you to get skilled through hands-on projects you’ll use to build a portfolio. Todays’ employers prefer candidates who speak with facts and using a portfolio during job interviews is a great way to show your actual abilities.   

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is what makes the world go round these days. By using digital channels, digital marketers reach bigger audiences and improve companies’ marketing strategies. They are a must for companies to increase their profits. And after the Covid-19 outbreak, their demand is higher.

Digital marketers can work from anywhere. They use digital technologies like social networks and email to provide better customer service. In other words, they help companies in making customers feel engaged. Of course, they need to implement other skills like SEO and SEM to increase companies’ brand recognition and attract new customers.

At App Academy, you can learn digital marketing skills to join any marketing team. Its curriculum is designed to ensure you’ll have the right tools to launch a new career after graduation. And to help you deal with the expenses, the company offers several financing options like ISAs, lean financing, and deferred tuition. 

Mobile Development

Mobile apps are making our life much more comfortable. They allow users to do everything with only one device: their smartphones. Companies are using mobile apps to reshape the market and attract customers’ attention. For example, IKEA uses augmented reality features on its app to allow customers to “try-before-buy.” By pointing their smartphones’ cameras, they can see how merchandise fits in a space. It’s helped IKEA reduce costs in returns and increase customer satisfaction.

Mobile developers are now vital for organizations, and companies like Walmart are making very attractive job offers. A Walmart mobile engineer’s salary is $109K per year on average. And the company also provides employees with benefits like life insurance, paid sick leave, product discounts, and retirement savings plans. 

General Assembly is a coding school that allows students to get iOS development skills or Android development skills. During each course, students will learn from industry-experienced tutors that will help them build real apps. In that case, they will learn fundamental knowledge in mobile development to meet employers’ demands after graduation. And with the help of the General Assembly’s career coaches, students can be on the path of actual career fulfillment.


Learning these tech skills will help you to thrive during isolation. They’ll increase your job opportunities, and getting a new job won’t be a hurdle. As you’ll have what it takes to innovate the market, employers won’t hesitate to hire you. Consequently, your stressful days of being unemployed will be gone.

Wrote by Artur Meyster

Founder of Career Karma

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