Aramis: a DN living in Budapest5 min read

Aramis: a DN living in Budapest5 min read

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Hi Aramis, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your lifestyle?

Hi, I am Aramis, a freelance art director and brand strategist.

I would describe myself as a travel & photo addict and maybe kind of a life artist as I always helped myself out of many situations with a good portion of patience, optimism, improvisation and creativity.

Maybe the terms creative mind & explorer fit my personality the most. I am big fan of good food, so one of the things i love most about my travels is being able to experience the varying cuisines & cultures and taste the spirit & life across the globe.

What is your current destination?


Can you tell us a bit about the projects you are currently working on? 

I am busy with Vol.2 of MY MAP OF BUDAPEST which is also the name of this project.

I created a city map which gives a fast first orientation of the city, indicating all important sightseeing spots, buildings and also thermal baths which are a charm of the city life & culture. I also wanted to promote unique and beautiful spots in hidden streets of Budapest on both sides of the river and not only around the center. It was very important for me to come up with the selection of unique and exciting places to save tourists, precious time and avoid straying around. The idea was also to guide them to cool places selected by the aspects of (interior) design, art, friendly service & quality, atmosphere or originality.

I thought it could be really helpful for tourists to have a map and get valuable recommendations they can trust as i felt the same when i arrived here the first time. There was no map giving you the feeling of discovering the city like a local or the Budaside was left out. But especially this part of the city has a lot to offer too!

The city maps have been full of advertising and touristy restaurants, bars and clubs.

On the other hand I wanted to support small but original places, which are run by their passionate owners, as I think they represent the real character and current vibe of Budapest. In a way, it is also my wish to preserve art, creativity, diversity and culture of the city. And in times of Corona its more important than ever.

Are you currently looking for some new projects and clients? 

I am always open to support in terms of brand building, design and mindset, also free to meet with investors with a sustainable mindset & approach for my projects.

An interesting client I am currently working for is a coach for resilience. It is really inspiring as this topic touched already big corporations. She is helping people, executives and organisations to build resilient structures, reveal their competences and strenghening their skills. 

Another project is on INSTAGRAM (@azkeeltribe) where I started to portray pictures of people which I made on my travels.

What do you like the most about being a Digital Nomad?

The opportunity to go whereever and whenever i want. The chance to meet inspiring souls and foreigners. Its a special vibe and a certain quality of life & networking. 

And what are the downsides of it (in case there are any)? 

Not really. It depends on your personality and life experience. There have been times with less income, like now. You should be ready to deal with such situations. Patience is a key factor in life, just like respect.  

What is a place/country you liked the most while travelling and why? 

A little surfspot in Morocco without street lights in the evenings and just a tiny shop with a few things to buy. I stayed with my girlfriend in a little stone house with the sea view. There was a donkey passing by in the mornings while we have been preparing our breakfast to say hello through the open window. It was a memorable time and experience. The trip with the shared taxi to buy food on the local markets in the next bigger town was always an adventure. 

But there are so many nice stories. That’s the magic of travelling. 

What’s on your to-travel-list? 

Georgia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Sri Lanka

How often do you use coworking spaces? Is there one that you’d like to recommend to other nomads? 

1) Hub Impact Budapest

2) Loffice

3) Fabrik Budapest (more like a coffee spot, workshop and good options to work)

Can you tell us what is your biggest dream?

More open minded people with empathy and I want to have a big hacienda at the seaside, some horses, pets and enjoy life on my land with my family. 

In case you have a motto, could you share it with us?

Well, I have a few nice ones. I like this one lot:

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. 

Could you share with us the names of two inspiring digital nomads that you are following? on Instagram

vanja_rankovich on Instagram

Is there something that you would like to add?

Peace begins with a smile and we rise by lifting others! 

If you would like to know more about Aramis, please have a look at his project.


Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes.

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