Gabrielle: I am Limitless5 min read

Gabrielle: I am Limitless5 min read

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Hi Gabrielle, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your lifestyle?

Hi there, I have been a digital nomad since May of 2019. I took the jump with my boyfriend and we decided to begin our journey together in Bali and planned out a 10 month route. It took me a few years to figure out what I wanted in life, and when I heard about the concept of being a „digital nomad“ in Bali in 2017, something deep in me knew that is what I wanted. It was a full year and a half later that we officially took the leap. There was a lot of prep that went into the transition between setting up my business to run remote, to selling 80% of what I owned including my car and cancelling the lease on my apartment.

What is your current destination?

Right now I am back home in San Diego, California because of COVID-19. Otherwise I would be in Sri Lanka or Japan right now, that was my orginal plan before the pandemic hit. Once the world opens back up again I can’t wait to start up my nomadic lifestyle.

Can you tell us a bit about the projects you are currently working on? Are you currently looking for some new projects and clients?

I am a serial entreprenuer, I am the co-founder of two business and sol owner of another. I run a small marketing agency, a coaching review site (like a yelp for life coaches, business coaches, etc.) and manage a product company that sells online and in stores. I am not looking for new projects or clients at this time, my plate is very full. I have actually just started balancing out my full work plate with some purely pleasure focused iniatives like learning spanish, surfing, and hiking.

What do you like the most about being a Digital Nomad?

The FREEDOM! I am absolutly in love with having complete control and autonomy in my daily life as well as my geographical location. I love that nothing by good wifie teathers me to a place, and that I can explore the whole world while making great money and not sacrificing my growth or career.

I also really love the community, even in the short ten months I have been able to travel so far, I have crossed oaths with the same people multiple times and I love that.

And what are the downsides of it (in case there are any)?

The downside is having to plan your life out a bit more because of the need for good wifi and a safe place to live. Also being away from your friends and family can be sad sometimes if you miss be life events or holidays. Also sometimes you can feel lonley in a new city or surrounded by a new culture and not knowing anyone.

What is a place/country you liked the most while travelling and why? What’s on your to-travel-list?

I have only traveled to a handfull of coutnries as a digital nomad so i tis so hard to say which I like most. I really enjoy Bali and Brazil in general and as a nomad, they are easy to live in too which is nice. I have SOOO many places I still want to explore and see. My top five right now are: Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Africa, and Costa Rica.

How often do you use coworking spaces? Is there one that you’d like to recommend to other nomads?

I have used a co working space in every destination I have traveled to. There was only a few weeks in the 10 months of travel that I worked from the wifi at my air bnb, otherwise I was at a corworking space. I love them, they help me focus, meet new people, get out of the air bnb and get a change of scenory. A lot of times too they host events and trainings so they are great places to learn and meet new people.

  • Canggu, Bali – Tropical Nomads
  • Florianopolis, Brazil – We CoWork it Out
  • Peniche, Portugal – Largo CoWorking Space
  • Lisbon, Portugal – Selina

Can you tell us what is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to retire at the age of 32 with passive income. Own a surf lodge with my boyfriend in a beautiful tropical destination with amazing surf where we host great community events and yoga retreats. To travel half the year exploring the world, surfing, speaking at events, and writing. 

In case you have a motto, could you share it with us?

I am Limitless

Gabrielle , could you share with us the names of two inspiring digital nomads that you are following?


Is there something that you would like to add?

If you would like more background on how I became a digital nomad I would be happy to share more. Or if there is anything you’d like me to elaborate on I would be more than happy to! Thank you! -Gabrielle

If you would like to know more about Gabrielle, please feel free to visit her blog.


Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes.

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