How to Write a Compelling Description to Attract Millennials to Your Coworking6 min read

How to Write a Compelling Description to Attract Millennials to Your Coworking6 min read

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You have finally opened your dream coworking space. You’re ready to host the next big idea creators, entrepreneurs and experts – and you have the space to match. Well, now what? It’s time to promote it and let it shine in its full glory in practice!

Obviously, millennials will be a crucial target group for your coworking space. According to experts, coworking spaces are more aligned with the needs and preferences of millennial workers. More than previous generations, they are open to flexibility, remote work and networking.

These are all aspects you should consider when you’re writing your coworking space description. Here are some tips on how to present your coworking space in the best light:

Maintain the same style and brand voice

When you’re going after the millennial market, you should choose a style that’s most appropriate to that target audience. This means, instead of going for overly professional, you should go for natural-sounding words, phrases and sentences.

Most importantly, don’t switch up different styles across your coworking brand’s pages. If you’re going for laidback and humorous, use it across all your communications.

Pay special attention to visitor policies

A description is surely a promo text for your coworking space, but potential visitors will also expect some cold, hard facts about what it’s like working there. This is what your visitor policy is for. Be as detailed as possible and present it like it truly is. However, keep the first point in mind – you can also present a visitor policy with real guidelines and facts and stay true to your brand voice. This is actually exactly what you should do.

Choose a casual, laidback tone

Generally, millennials prefer brand communication that is more laidback, humorous and casual. You don’t have to go overboard with this style, but it’s great to include phrases and sentences that show you don’t take yourself too seriously. Your description should be a perfect mix of “humble competence”.

Show that you know how to have fun, that your coworking space is a good place to be and that there’s a pleasant atmosphere and style of communication. You would be surprised how many potential visitors can be drawn in using only the power of style and voice.

Find experts to help

If you have never written something like this before, it can be a good idea to hand the description writing to experts. Luckily, there are thousands of people available online with experience in writing for the coworking industry. We suggest using some of these services: dissertation writing services (professional academic writers are a great choice when you need to get a coworking space description), Freelancer (here, you can post a contest stating exactly what you need and you will get dozens of entries to choose from), Fiverr (filter freelance writers according to their experience in the coworking domain).

Have fun with it

Like we have already mentioned, millennials like a casual tone, but they also like fun and surprises. You don’t have to follow a fixed structure when you’re writing your coworking space description. There are many fun messages to get your message across that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Here are some fun content ideas you can use in your coworking space description:

  • Videos – marketers say video is king and this approach definitely has the best stats when it comes to engagement
  • Memes – ah, yes, the millennials darlings: just make sure that you know your target audience that well that you know how to pinpoint the humour they like
  • Animated GIFs – gifs are the new images; they are just so much more fun to watch!
  • Quiz/test – include a quiz for those who are not sure a coworking space is right for them
  • Infographics – if you want to discuss some figures and numbers, it’s best to present them in a visual way
  • Interviews – a beloved content form which was partially responsible for the boom in podcasts

Address the current situation

With the coronavirus pandemic, everything has changed. Now, we have the new normal, and it’s uncertain how work, and the world in general, will function in the future. Don’t be afraid to mention these changes and challenges. It’s no secret that remote work will likely become the mainstream: make sure you emphasize that in your description.

Take a positive attitude towards the current situation. Address it, but don’t fill up your description with negative words and phrases concerning the current state of the world. People have enough of that negativity already.

Promote some of your stars

If you already have entrepreneurs working in your coworking space, it would be fun to present what they do and how they do it in your description. It’s a great way to go from theory to practice and show your future visitors what day-to-day work here actually looks like.

You can do this in the form of an interview, a short snippet about their industry and work, or simply one of the fun content methods we have presented above.

Choose the right promotional channels

When you have finally nailed the perfect coworking space description, it shouldn’t go to waste by being under-promoted. It is also a mistake to focus all your marketing attention into channels that just don’t work. This will take some testing and market research, though.

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube are always advised for marketing to millennials. You can also add your space to Cowork Booking. There, potential visitors will be able to find your coworking space according to location or other criteria.

Millennials are also increasingly joining networks that were previously considered Gen Z territory, such as Snapchat and TikTok. These can also be a great addition to your promotional channels, but first make sure your audience is actually on these.

LinkedIn is also a great idea for marketing a coworking space to millennials. Namely, there are over 87 million millennials on this network, making up almost 40% of its user base. It would definitely be a shame to miss out on that potential, especially when it’s a network related to jobs, business and entrepreneurship.


The secret to writing a compelling coworking space description for millennials is to know your audience really well. It’s not enough to just know how old they are and where they live. Try to find out what they are looking for in a coworking space, what is their current work situation, what are their needs, preferences, desires, issues and much more. When you have these bits of information, you can slowly start building a mosaic of offers that appeal to all those things.

Finally, remember to have fun with it. Millennials have moved away from trusting and liking multinational corporations with a stern, corporate voice. They like supporting small businesses and they like hearing about what makes them special. Provide them with a good story and you will have full occupancy in no time.

Written by: Melanie Sovann is a writer, editor and proofreader. Melanie works for a custom term paper writing service, helping students draft and submit high-quality term papers and other academic assignments. Melanie is an expert in the areas of business and marketing.


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