How to find a remote job? We asked Yanislava from Remote IT World6 min read

How to find a remote job? We asked Yanislava from Remote IT World6 min read

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Hi Yanislava, please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

I’m Yanislava Hristiova, Flounder and CEO of Remote IT World and a self-proclaimed Remote Work Ambassador.  I’ve been working in tech talent acquisition and company growth strategies for over a decade. Mainly in tech companies across US and Europe. I live in the sunny and beautiful heart of Bulgaria, a city called Plovdiv. Back in 2018 I established Remote IT World which is now the preferred HR and staffing partner of the remote employers. It’s a global citizen company or remote-first and our team is fully distributed. We believe ultimate productivity is possible beyond the traditional location boundaries. 

How many years are you working remotely and what do you think are the greatest benefits of remote work?

My remote work experience started 10 years ago when I was an intern in Budapest Hungary. My boss back then was a busy professional and he gave me a laptop, mobile internet device and a task. We comminuted mainly via email and phone. So then I realized I owned my time and schedule. The ownership mentality impacted all my career going forward.  

Every day I discover more and more of the benefits of remote work. One of the greatest benefits for me is the freedom and choice I have where to live. This allows me also to travel around the world. Massive flexibility and opportunity to organize my work around my life not the opposite. When I work fully virtually most of my day I meet unique people from various countries and cultures and learn new things. This global mindset makes me feel like a citizen of the world. Literally the lack of commute frees up so much of my time, I can spend more time with my family, do sports, enjoy my hobbies. Last but not least, I have control over my “office” environment and setup and hours of deep work. And countless more …  🙂 

The motto of your company is: We empower and connect business and talent worldwide to work remotely. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

With the time and from my experience I have identified there is a problem on both sides. For employers they struggle to find talent locally. Top professionals with nish skills are hard to find and hard to hire. Hiring locally is pricey, time consuming and an enormous effort is invested into retention too. The competition is high and the cost is ever growing. Companies keep coming up with more and more perks and benefits to attract, hire and retain. However this is not sustainable. 

On the other side, the interesting geeky projects are centered around the big cities. There is this unsaid but communicated situation that if an IT Specialist wants to have challenging and rewarding jobs they need to live in the big capital cities. What if they don’t want to?  Living there is busy, stressful, noisy and not to mention the large air pollution to which we are exposed and which damages our health. 

This is no longer the way the industry works. Going remote and hiring remote is a solution for both parties and I’m happy we are among the pioneers in raising awareness and making it happen. 

I can see that your website is listing remote jobs, can you tell us what type of candidates you are mostly looking for?

That’s correct. On our website there is a job board section which is dedicated to remote-only hiring. Our expertise is in IT/Tech and Blockchain specialist. Product Managers, Web Developers – Frontend, Backend, Full Stack with various technologies such as JavaScript, Python, Go, Java. Also we hire QA manual and automation, Ops and Infra, Security,  Mobile, Machine Learning, BigData,  etc. 

We are currently hiring candidates from Europe, Asia, South America for full time jobs. Sometimes we are also looking for freelancers. The ideal candidates for remote jobs are open minded, good communicators, autonomous and self-driven people. 

You can design and implement fully remote work operations for interested companies. Can you tell us how much time this usually take?

We have designed a framework or program to help companies go remote. It usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks if we are not in a rush. During the sudden lockdown we also did it in 4 weeks time. 

The program includes three phases – audit, design and implementation and ongoing support. I would like to highlight here that to make it sustainable and to work it takes time and patience. Change management process is an important step and it requires the buy-in on every level of the organization. Our partners who did it say this decision has increased the company agility and resilience and have been a game changer for them. 

What types of companies are you mostly working with? Start-ups, corporates, mid-size companies?

We mostly work with start-up and mid-sized companies, some of our early partners already grow to larger companies and we continue to work with them. They come to us usually when they need to build a new team, expand their current teams, need highly qualified specialists and even when they want to diversify their team composition. 

The companies we work with are based in Europe, Asia and the US. They are verified to deliver excellent employee experience, nurturing culture that fosters personal development. We take over the full recruitment process, design and implement the recruitment campaigns with care for the employed brand and candidate experience. 

I can see that you are offering professional advice on how a perfect CV/resume should look like. Can you share with us some tips?

OMG, this is my favourite question. Guys, please first and most important include your contact details in your CVs. Email, Phone and Country. Country is especially important from a recruitment point of view. Also, highlight your specialization and achievements. replace the objectives in your CV with summary and dedicate a section for your tech skills. Yeah, also write the career history chronologically starting from the last job on top. Make it personalized, include clickable links to your professional profiles like LinkedIn, Github, Stackoverflow, Dribble, Behance. Show your style, make it custom but stick to sending it in .pdf with no images inside except for your personal pic if you prefer.

Yanislava, can you share with us one of your success stories about how one of your clients got a remote job?

I can share a story of Vlad. This is his real name. He is a Golang developer. When we first met he was living in the UK and was not very happy. Originally he was raised in Estonia. I found him when building a new team of a HR tech startup. So, he joined the company and he was super happy. In 6 months he was promoted to team lead and started also managing a team. Most interesting for me was his transformation into a digital nomad. We have 1:1s every week for leadership coaching and my first question to him is “Where are you now?” and he says – Sri Lanka, India,  Indonesia, etc. This is that motivates to me continue doing what I’m doing. 

Written by: Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes. If you would like to know more about Yanislava and Remote IT World, you can have a look at Facebook or Telegram.


Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes.

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