Interview with Becca and Dan from Halfhalftravel4 min read

Interview with Becca and Dan from Halfhalftravel4 min read

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Hi Becca and Dan, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your lifestyle?

Sure! We are an American couple based in Brooklyn, NY. We took 2018-2019 to become digital nomads and travel throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia for 10 months while working remotely. We have detailed all of our digital nomad experiences on our website. We really enjoyed traveling the world extensively during our time abroad (for both of us, it was our second (Dan) and third (Becca) times living outside our home countries for a significant period of time).

What is your current destination and what you are planning next?

We currently live in Brooklyn, NY. We were supposed to go to Italy and Israel this summer for a month-long trip, but due to COVID, it is not happening. So, we have no travel plans as of now and instead, we hope to explore our city and region when it is possible and safe (this is because NYC was hit very hard with Coronavirus).

What do you like the most about being a Digital Nomad?

When we were digital nomads, we enjoyed the freedom, flexibility and cool ways to meet people.

Is there something that you do not like?

The only thing we did not like was that Internet speed can vary greatly from country to country. In some places, even a rainstorm can affect the internet connection. This is something to laugh about later, but in the moment, it can be frustrating. 

What is a place/country you liked the most while travelling and why?

Mexico and Vietnam really stand out as places where it is totally safe for travelers, and the food is absolutely amazing. The major cities in both countries are also friendly for the digital nomad lifestyle, with exciting lifestyles for expats and an affordable cost of living. 

Are you going to coworking spaces while you travel and work remotely? 

Yes, we were using coworking spaces when we traveled with Remote Year, which is a work-travel program for nomads. We worked in coworking spaces in Mexico City, Lima, Medellin and Bogota, and here in NYC, we have worked from a few as well. 

Would you like to recommend a certain coworking space?

We really enjoyed Selina CoWork in Medellin, Colombia. This space has everything a working nomad could want — outdoor space, Colombian coffee every day, social events every week and access to the rest of the Selina hostel, which is a busy place for travelers. 

Let’s talk about community. Is there a special place/city that you particularly liked because of people/community?

We really enjoyed the community in Mexico City. We also spent the longest amount of time there (around 7 weeks). It was Dan’s second time being a digital nomad in Mexico City, because he had also spent a month there working remotely in December 2016. There are lots of travelers and lots of expats and nomads, all living in Mexico City while working.

Becca and Dan, can you tell us what is your biggest dream?

Our biggest dream is to be able to travel for a long time again and to see new places. We are always happy to see that the world is becoming safer and more open and we hope that a future of travel allows travelers to learn more about the world comfortably. 

In case you have a motto, could you share it with us?

Our motto is, “Don’t worry too much.”

Is there something that you would like to add?

We hope to visit Central Europe again, one day! In fact, we really hope to make a trip soon to the region near the Czech Republic & Slovakia, including Hungary, Ukraine and Romania.

Written by: Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes. If you would like to know more about Becca and Dan, visit their blog.


Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes.

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