Interview with Beth, a DN from Australia, who got “stuck” in Moldova4 min read

Interview with Beth, a DN from Australia, who got “stuck” in Moldova4 min read

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Hi Beth, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your lifestyle?

I am a digital nomad from Australia! I work online as a dominatrix and a sexuality coach. I travel with my two cats and we travel fairly slowly, usually around 3 months in any given place at a time.

Can you tell us how does your lifestyle looked like before the current crises?

It wasn’t a whole lot different, I just arrived here so I was still in the process of trying to meet people… I went to the gym most mornings and some days would work from a cafe.. other days just at home. I would usually try to get out once a day at least even if its just for a short walk.

I believe you are currently in Moldova, right? How do you like the country?

Yes I am ‘stuck’ here because they have currently closed all the borders. I like Moldova, it’s a nice, small country with interesting culture and history and nice people.

When did you go to Moldova? Why did you choose this country?

I am travelling through a lot of Eastern European countries at the moment. I have been to quite a few, so this was basically just the next one on my list and because I travel mostly via land due to my two cats, it bordered Romania where I was before, so it was easy to get to.

How does your life look like right now? How is the situation there?

It’s mostly the same, except I can’t go to the gym, I can’t work from cafes, I don’t go out much hah… I can’t meet anyone new, so it’s a little bit isolating at the moment. The situation itself isn’t too bad. They have called a state of emergency until May 15, so borders (and most things) are currently shut until then, but the general feel when I go out, is that people don’t seem too panicked.

I love your FB status: I am “stuck” in Moldova… I was thinking yesterday how funny of a story it’s going to be when I’m older.. “during Coronavirus I got stuck in Moldova, a country that half the people I know didn’t even know existed and the other had no idea where it was”??I am thankful to be “stuck” here. What is your family/friends saying/thinking about it?

My family are fine, they are used to me travelling so you know, yeah… they are a bit worried I guess because I’m alone, but yeah.

Do you have any friends in the country?

I was able to make a few friends before the whole situation, but no, not too many, just a couple.

How did you solve the situation with the housing? Did you rent something long term or are you prolonging your current stay?

I already had an air bnb booked until May 10, so I’m good for now. Then I can extend easily if need be.

Moldova is not a typical touristic destination, how do you like people, culture and food?

I enjoy it, it’s very interesting. The people are quite nice. I find the culture and history of the country very interesting and different. I haven’t been able to travel at all within the country though which sucks, but it’s still nice.

What do you think will be your next destination once the crises will be over? Do you already have some plans or not yet?

Well, my plan is to return to Romania on May 10, and I have a flight that I am still not sure if I will be taking to a retreat in Bali on May 12… but we will see… haha. I also had plans to be at the Olympics, I hope to still get to Japan (And Korea also) in July/August, but obviously no Olympics. But regardless, I will go back to Romania when the state of emergency is lifted here hopefully!

Written by: Kristina Lukacova


Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes.

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