Nomad review: Medellin, Colombia3 min read

Nomad review: Medellin, Colombia3 min read

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A few years ago, Medellin was one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The city has changed a lot since then. Nowadays, the bustling city is one of the fastest growing nomad hotspots. This is not surprising, since the climate is perfect, the people are incredibly friendly and the city offers everything your heart desires. Medellin is a perfect combination of traditional Colombian culture and technical innovation.

Currently, the city is one of the fastest growing nomad hotspots in the world and this doesn´t surprise us, since the city has so much to offer!


Prices **
Although living in Medellin is still cheaper than in many large European cities, the city is very expensive compared to the rest of Colombia and even compered to the surrounding countries. The rent varies quickly from 300 euros per month (for a shared home) to 700 euros per month (for a private apartment). You can eat out for around 10 euros/meal and you will pay the same for a cup of coffee as in the Netherlands.

Neighborhoods ****
Every neighborhood in Medellin has its own character. Most Digital Nomads choose El Poblado, the tourist spot. This is where many co-working spaces, coffee tents are located and nightlife takes place. This neighborhood is recommended for the nomads who like to be within walking distance of shops, pubs and caffees. If you want to live a little cheaper, you can also choose Laureles or Envigado. These neighborhoods are a bit quieter and more authentic, but the disadvantage is that you will be dependent on Uber.


Activities: ****
In Medellin it is almost impossible to get bored, there is always something going on. The city offers modern museums, botanical parks and large shopping malls. You can join one of the many tours through the city, such as the Pablo Escobar tour or a tour through the former slum area Communa 13. If you get a little worried about the bustle in the city, you can take a cable car and within a half an hour you will find yourself in the nature.

Going out: *****
Even after working hours there are always many cool things you can do. Medellin has a varied nightlife, from reggaeton clubs to techno parties. For a real Colombian evening, go to a salsa club, where you can dance, listen to live music and make friends with the locals.

To work

Nomad community: *****
Since digital nomads have discovered Medellin, there is a large nomad community present and it´s very easy to meet there like-minded people. If you would like to meet other nomads you can take a salsa classes or a Spanish language course or visit one of the coworking spaces in the area.

Co-working spaces: ****
Dozens of co-working spaces have been created recently. Most spaces are hip hotspots where digital nomads and local enterpreneurs come together. Lectures, workshops and networking get-togethers are often organized there and thanks to these events you can make friends very easily.

Cafés with internet connection: ****
If you want to work from cafes smetime, it’s not a problem. You stumble across the hip coffee shops where digital nomads sit behind their laptops and drink a latte of locally produced coffee beans.

Final assessment: ****

The fact, that Medellin is currently being hyped this way is entirely justified, it is a fantastic city, that many digital nomads call their second home.

Written by: Rosanne Schipper, originally published in Live Like a Nomad.


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