Interview with Stáňa, a DN that is travelling around the globe with her husband and four kids5 min read

Interview with Stáňa, a DN that is travelling around the globe with her husband and four kids5 min read

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Stáňa is travelling around the globe with her husband and four kids, she is an online entrepreneur and her motto is: I want to live a nomad lifestyle, the story I want to tell. She is an expert in online marketing and an author of a published book, several eBooks and online courses.

Her courses are focussed on online entrepreneurship. Furthermore, she is a mentor that is helping her clients to discover their true potential and find out what kind of business would fit them most based on their skills.

What is your current destination and what you are planning next?

We are planning to spend January in Czechia since I am starting there my course called Entrepreneurship from the Beach and it is easier for me to be in Czechia due to a live streaming.

In the end of January we are flying to Bali and in February we are planning to go to South Africa. We did not plan more trips for now, it will be a spontaneous decision. We are planning to come back to Czechia in the spring.

What do you like the most about being a Digital Nomad?

Freedom. The fact that I can work from anywhere: beach, forest, mountains, car, train or home. I love that I can decide when I want to work and when I want to relax. I am my own boss and I am deciding where my next steps will lead.

Is there something that you do not like about being a DN?

I managed to organize my digital nomad lifestyle in a way that suits me. I am able to do what I like, ever since I hired an assistant and delegated many things.

We are not travelling full time, a part of the year we spend in Czechia since we enjoy spring and summer there. It is great feeling to be home from time to time!

We are not typical nomads. We have been travelling full time for many years and we found out that the balance is important – we spend few months on the road and few months home in Czechia. It is not that easy to travel full time with four kids.

On the downside being a digital nomad means I am somewhat far away from family and friends while we are travelling. Currently, we are trying to balance discovering new places and slow travelling where we stay for few months on the same place and we are a part of a community.

What is a place/country you liked the most while travelling and why?

There are so many places that I like. I would like to mention hiking in Annapuren in Nepal and driving motorcycles in Began, Barma, with an amazing view of their temples in the background. Other memory that I would like to mention is our journey on horseback to Petra, Jordan and the view of breathtaking lake in Jokulsarlon, Iceland. I have to mention our beloved Bali, where we love to return to visit our old friends. The vibe there is just amazing!

Stáňa, you travel with your husband and your kids, how is it to travel with the whole family?

It is more complicated to travel with a family. We have to take in consideration needs and safety of our kids, so usually, nowadays, we prefer safety and comfort over adventure. On the other hand it is amazing to spend time with my family while travelling. When we are home, in Czechia, the days are predictable, older kids spend a lot of time in school and we do not spend that much time together. While we are travelling, we are spending all days together and we really enjoy it!

Could you recommend us a certain location for Digital nomads?

Bali, Canggu.

Let´s talk about community. From all these places you have visited, is there a special place that you particularly liked because of community?

Canggu, Bali. This is also a reason why we love to come back, because we usually travel alone: me, my husband and our kids, meantime in Bali we travel often also with friends. You know, sometimes it is complicated to be with your family 24/7, that´s why we enjoy Bali so much, where we have our group of friends.

Stáňa, can you tell us what is your biggest dream, in case you do have one?

The way of living my life is my biggest dream that came true :). I am free, I can buy flight tickets and go anywhere I want to go, this is the best. Furthermore, I love that I can decide when I will work, I can be with people that I like and do a job that I enjoy. Right now I am not dreaming anymore (since my dream came true), I am planning :).

Is there something that you would like to add?

We are living in an amazing age, we have so much more opportunities compared to our parents . Thanks to new technologies we can work remotely. This is a privilege. So, in case you are the lucky one and you can work remotely, enjoy it every day! Many people are afraid to be digital nomads. Do not let your fears take the place of your dreams! This lifestyle its not always easy, however it is worth to take a risk. At the end, everything will fall back in place and you will overcome all obstacles when you know where you’re going and why.

If you would like to know more about Staňa, please feel free to visit her website.


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