Las Palmas – a Digital Nomad´s guide6 min read

Las Palmas – a Digital Nomad´s guide6 min read

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Where to stay:

Santa Catalina : For PARTY Nomads

If you like busy streets, bars and you want to live close to a shopping mole, then this is the best place to live! Santa Catalina is a vibrant place with many bars and restaurants and it is an unofficial city center of Las Palmas. If you like shopping, in Santa Catalina you will find many small shops and also a shopping mole El Corte Ingles. Furthermore, the biggest market of the city is located in this part of the city.

Isleta: For LIVE-LIKE-A-LOCAL nomad

I used to live in Isleta and I simply love this part of the city.

Isleta is a calm, nice and most of inhabitants are locals.

It is a very peaceful district with small and narrow streets and small local coffee places where you can have the best breakfast. Majority of people who live here are the local seniors, I just love its vibe! Living in Isleta does not feel like living in the capital city, it feels like living in a small town.

Las Canteras : For BEACH nomads

Las Canteras is the most famous part of Las Palams. It is probably the most beautiful city beach I have ever seen. The beach is three km long and to watch a sunset in Las Canteras is simply stunning. Las Canteras is considered one of the cleanest city beaches in the world, therefore taking a bath here is a pure pleasure. What I do not like about this part of the city is that it is very touristic and because of this it is expensive.

Vegueta : For CULTURAL nomads

Vegueta is a historic part of Las Palmas. You will find the famous Las Palmas Cathedral here. The neighbourhood owes its name to the valley that stretched around the Real de las Palmas, called “La Vegueta de Santa Ana”. In case you like to buy fresh fruits and veggies, you can find a local Vegueta Market here. What I do not like about this part of the city is that it is a bit far away from the beach.

Where to work:

Soppa de Azul – Soppa is a 800m2 of coworking Space with hot/dedicated Desks an Art gallery room, a small meeting room for 4 persons and the Soppa café. What I love about this coworking space is that it has an unique artistic vibe. In case you are an artist or you do enjoy art, this is the place to be!

CoworkingC – A nice coworking space located in Santa Catalina. It has three floors, but most people stay at the ground floor and sit around one big table.

WorkLabs – A spacious coworking space, with a silent, skype, meeting and chilling room located just about twenty meters from the beach. The community is great, they do a lot of events and do have a brunch usually on Friday. Absolutely a good spot for digital nomads.

The House – Located in Vegueta, this coworking space rented the whole building in order to build one of the biggest coworking spaces in Las Palmas. The house has 2 kitchens, 2 huge covered roof terraces, standing desks, meeting rooms, an event space and even they offer free breakfast. It is an iconic space, absolutely worth to visit.

Where to eat:

La Champiñoneria – you should try typical tapas during the Thursday tapas night (happening every week). If you love champions, you will love this place!

Nomadas – A nice restaurant situated not far away from Las Canteras. The restaurant offers Indonesian, Thai and Italian food but also typical Spanish meals.

La Bikina Cantina – You can choose among Indian, Thai and Mexican food, you should absolutely try their local Tuna Tartar, it is delicious!

Pizzadillo – A cute nice Italian Restaurant situated close to Las Canteras. You should try their speciality ´pizadillo´ – that is a kind of sandwich made out of pizza pastry.

Where to party and chill:

Wednesday´s Nomad event – There is a regular Wednesday´s Nomad event happening in Las Palmas. The locations is changing, therefore you should have a look at FB Digital Nomad Las Canarias Group.

Thursday´s night in Vegueta – Every Thursday evening there is a tapas night in Vegueta. It starts around nine and is located in Mendizabal street. The tapas usually costs around two euros and in many places you can get mojito for four-five euro so it is a good deal.

The couple – A nice bar/restaurant situated in Las Canteras. They have nice gin and tonic. They do offer also crepes, sandwiches and snacks.

Kopa – An amazing outdoor disco situated below the shopping mall. This place have a dress code and guys should wear a shirt and nice shoes.

El Tendedero de Catalina – An amazing rooftop bar situated in the hotel. They have great mojito and an amazing view.

Ciao Ciao Las Canteras – A good place for icecream lovers.

The Block cafe – A nice place to chill and drink with a great terrace. They have also some finger food, in case you are starving.

Best time to visit:

Anytime! In Canary islands the weather is good anytime, this is the best thing about living in Las Palmas!

Spend a day as a local:

Eat ´churros´. You should try at least once ´churros´, the typical Spanish pastry that locals eat for breakfast. It is delicious. I usually eat my churros in Cafeteria Churreria Avenida 74. Go hiking. I found out I am a big fun of hiking in Las Palmas. Go to beach. There are so many beautiful beaches, you can go to Maspalomas, Playa de Puerto Rico or Playa de Amadores. Have a glass of good Spanish wine, anytime. Walk more, everything is so close in Las Palmas. Watch a sunset at the beach. And last but not least, enjoy amazing weather all year long!


Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes.

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