The future of spaces – Niche coworking spaces5 min read

The future of spaces – Niche coworking spaces5 min read

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Are you looking for a specific type of a coworking space, such as female only, dog friendly office or office for writers?

We have some tips for you.

Coworking Space for Parents

Are you a mama whom is also working as a freelancer and do you find it almost impossible to work from home? A possible solution could be working from one of the numerous baby friendly offices, that you can usually find in every big city.

You will find one of these spaces also in the city center of Prague – Business Link– with children friendly office and kindergarten in the same building!

The coworking space is located in a new multifunctional building in Prague that has a running track on the rooftop. Furthermore, in the same building it is located a playground for kids, restaurant, various shops, the pharmacy and even a private doctor.

Coworking Space for Writers

Are you a writer that had lost inspiration or you need to finish your next novel really fast? Especially in the US, currently, coworking spaces for writers are becoming very trendy. Writers room located in NY could become your next ´home´for next few months. Writers room is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, since they know that we can not predict when the inspiration will knocks at the door.

However, to become a member of this space, you have to meet some eligibility requirements: you have to be either book author/co-author, freelance/online writer/journalist or screenwriters/playwrights. Once you pass the requirements and become a member you can enjoy several benefits such us quiet, affordable place to write, access to the world’s largest electronic database for legal and public-records related information and Featured placement and listings of your published titles on The Writers Room website with links to your website.

Coworking Space for Female Only

Make Lemonade in Toronto is one of the few coworking spaces which accept no men – in case you want to become a member you have to meet one very specific requirement – be a women.

At Make Lemonade the members enjoy various benefits such as 24/7 access, driven community, phone booths and of course unlimited tea, coffee and famous lemonade. Make Lemonade welcome women of all backgrounds and encourage everyone to be themselves.

Coworking Space for Doggie Lovers

For all dog owners and dog lovers we had found a perfect spot where you can work and enjoy your doggy at the same time.

The Farm Soho located in Manhattan is an amazing dog friendly coworking office, a perfect place for freelancers, digital nomads and small companies. With its unique organic designed interior, supportive community and incredible location The Farm Soho is certain to make you fall in love with work again.

Furthermore, the coworking space is located in Lower Manhattan, the most vibrant part of entire NYC, walking distance from Columbus Park and New York Stock Exchange.

Coworking space for Musicians

Are you a musician looking for a place where you could create your songs and meet the other artists? In case you are living in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we have good news for you. CoMusicWork is the first coworking space focused on music industry in Barcelona. It offers rehearsal rooms that are fully equipped, shared desks, private offices and event space.

Furthermore, the coworking space is located in Gracia, well known artistic neighborhood of Barcelona, located just few blocks from famous Sagrada Familia.

Coworking and Coliving

One of the most attractive options that are currently offering coworking spaces is coworking and coliving option. It is a perfect combination, there is no need of commuting to your coworking space, since your desk and your room are located in the same building. This has many benefits, such as it is saving your time and also it creates a nice community vibe.

Mokrin House is a coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia. It is a modern and urban spot in a rural surrounding. Studies have shown that stepping out of the regular work environment increases productivity and creativity. That is why Mokrin House offers a program for both teams and individuals that want to replace the stressful and busy urban business environment with a more down to earth, nature oriented work environment.


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