Malta: an ideal place for coliving3 min read

Malta: an ideal place for coliving3 min read

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Coliving is a new way of living together, improving together and having fun together. The perfect option to break out of routine and creating a new creative work environment.

Malta is not only the perfect place for a holiday, an adventure and to relax. It is also the perfect place for Coliving – a new trend among young millennials.

Why Coliving?

Coliving is the perfect way to break out of your everyday life. It allows your mind to regenerate and create new ideas, to be social and productive at the same time in order to find new solutions together.

Why Malta?

Nature and Sea The archipelago of Malta is amazingly beautiful and offers a wide range of outdoor activities.
Weather It has the perfect weather, with a yearly temperature around 18.7 degrees Celsius and 300(!) days of sunshine per year. Temperatures are evenly distributed across the entire year. Summer can however become very hot and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius are to be expected throughout. The best time of the year is spring and fall, when it is comfortably warm. If you enjoy swimming in the ocean, you will usually still be able to do so up until the end of November, because it will still be warm and sunny enough at the Mediterranean Sea.
History Malta is also the perfect location for history fans. It has a very multifaceted history, because it has experienced countless diverse mixtures of cultures, which have influenced it in the past and still do today. The different influences are also shown in the language. Maltese is a mixture of Arabic and Italian with some English and French influences. It’s the only Semitic language written in Latin characters.

Yes, English is the official language Despite all of this the period in which the island was colonized by Britain has left it’s a clear mark on Malta. To this day, the island’s official language is English and you can even find the typical red phone booths all around. Almost everybody is fluent in English, because it’s the second official language.
Festivals and Fun The island offers a wide range of different festivals from the Malta Jazz Festival to the Malta Carnival also the MTV Isle Music Festival. In case you are looking for the best party in town – you should absolutely visit Paceville, the main night life hub in Malta.
One more thing In case you love parties and NYE, then Malta is absolutely a place for you. The small island is famous for its love to fireworks, it is hosting Malta Fireworks festival happening every year and various village festival fireworks happening around the island from June till September.

TIP: In case you are looking for coliving in this beautiful island, feel free to contact our partner SC Coworking and Coliving Campus Malta !

Written By: Laura Weigand, a creative mind from Germany, always working on new innovative solutions, originally published in: SC magazine


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