8 reasons why Valencia is one of the best places for Digital Nomads3 min read

8 reasons why Valencia is one of the best places for Digital Nomads3 min read

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Digital Nomad in Valencia

It was a love at first sight!

I personally think that Valencia is far better place to stay that its ´bigger sister´ Barcelona, that is crowded, full of tourists and extremely expensive. If you are looking for a similar weather, one of the longest beaches in Europe and at the same time a city far more cheaper than Barcelona, absolutely go to Valencia. Furthermore, as locals say Valencia is the most ‘latino’ city in Spain/Europe, so if you are looking for some ‘latino’ vibes you will definitely find it there!

Where do you should live?

Definitely barrio de Ruzafa – is the best place where to stay. Ruzafa is this hipster part of the city just ten-fifteen minutes walking distance from the main square, so living there is really the best option.

How did my usual day look like?

In the morning I woke up and went to have breakfast in Dulce de Leche in Ruzafa, one of the best coffee places in Valencia. Everything there was delicious. Then I walked ten minuets to the city center, to my coworking space, where I met a group of my friends and usually we had second breakfast/brunch at the rooftop of our coworking space.

After working for few hours we were heading for a spanish late lunch to 100 Montaditos (a place with more than 100 different types of small baguetts), kind of typical spanish fast food, where basically each baguette cost just one euro. You can have there a lunch for six-seven euros including beer or wine.

After the work, I usually went to one of the Language exchange meetings – there are so many in the city – almost every day there is one happening somewhere. The awesome thing about these meetings are that not only nomads and foreigners are attending, I would say it is fifty-fifty since locals want to improve English and foreigners want to improve their Spanish, so it is win/win for everybody.

What else not to miss? Absolutely Mercat de Ruzafa. Usually all the turists go to the Valencia´s central market, so the one in Ruzafa is far better if you are looking for a local vibe. Oranges. Enjoy Valencia´s oranges, the locals say they are the best in the world. You should also try Horchata in Horchateria Santa Catalina – typical drink made from nuts and/or rice – the taste is a bit special, let us know if you liked it!

What to do in the evenings?

La Fabrica de Hielo on the beach, check that out! They have a lot of concerts and other cool stuff.

Something more about Valencia?

The weather is almost always good, I spent there a January this year and it was just amazing, all my friends were dying from cold in Prague, meantime I was enjoying a ´Spanish winter´ with almost twenty degrees during the lunch-time. And yes, we were going to the beach, also in January. Of course not to swim, but still you can chill and play volleyball there.

Valencia is a kind of place where you will feel home after very few days. After one week I could walk down the city without Google Maps and I got the feeling that I somehow belong there. I never felt like this in other city, maybe only in Porto, but that is the another story…

PS: In case you are looking for a coworking space in Valencia, here you go 🙂


Kristina Lukacova, a DN that enjoys good food, good wine and good vibes.

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