A little over a year ago, Kelli and I spent 2 months in lovely Oman. This Sultanate became one of our favorite travel stops. Friendly locals, good food and delightful desert drives made for an irresistible trio. But drilling even deeper, we enjoyed immersing ourselves in Islamic culture. We spent a month in Qatar some 2 years prior but seemed a bit isolated living in a compound for expats. Spending 2 months in Nizwa, Oman proved to be a dramatically different experience.

Living in an Omani neighborhood with no expats helped us experience…Omani living. I chatted with kids curious about the “Americani from New York City”. Little ones loved my stories of towering buildings and millions of people in NYC. Friendly women offered to drive us home during walks on “cold” evenings. For them, this mean 58 degrees F. For me, I wore a T-shirt and shorts. The salah (call to prayer) sung from loud speakers at dawn, during day time and early evening hours made the experience more special.

Our drives through the desert may have been our favorite tourist activity for the dramatic scenery and….camels! I spied camel traffic signs for a few drives but alas, no dramatic dromedary sightings. All changed the moment before I filmed the below video. Kelli spotted the camel with her eagle eyes. I pulled off the highway. Then, I off-roaded it for a few minutes to get closer. I distanced ourselves a few hundred yards from this handsome fellow to respect his size and sometimes, ornery nature. Plus, I did not want to scare the dude.

He lazily grubbed. I grabbed the camera.

We spotted about 20 plus wild camels during multiple drives through the desert.

I admired their hearty nature. Camels survive in 130 degree plus temperatures with little water and scant vegetation. Don’t even mention standing in the baking sun all day long. I began burning in the UV 11 index not 4-5 minutes after being exposed to the sun in Nizwa. Imagine the feeling of being an ant burning under a microscope. Now you know what it feels like standing on the roof in the desert of Nizwa, Oman.

Enjoy the video.

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Written by: Ryan Biddulph, a DN that have traveled the world for over 6 years. His favourite activities are globe-trotting and island-hopping :). Originally published at Blogging from Paradise.