Best conferences and events for DN in 20204 min read

Best conferences and events for DN in 20204 min read

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Attending a conference focussed on DN lifestyle can be much more than just fun. You can meet cool people, learn something new, acquire business ideas or get inspired and start a new business.

Here’s our pick of the top coworking conferences and best events for all those interested in digital nomad lifestyle:

Nomad Summit

Chiang Mai | January 17-21, 2020

Nomad Summit is the conference for digital nomads, remote workers, online entrepreneurs and those who are currently dreaming about location independence and freedom. Among the confirmed speakers there are: Julia Jerg, social media marketing and public relations consultant, Nate Ginsburg, Founder, Seller Plex and Matt Diggity, CEO and Founder Diggity Marketing. Top topics include: How anyone can learn to code, How to start and sell million dollar business and How to build a fully location independent business.

Nomad City

Las Palmas de Cran Canaria | November 6-8, 2020

Nomad City Founders are a team of professionals sharing a common objective: making remote work accessible to everyone. Nomad City Founders foresee a world where everyone is driven by passion working from any place in the world and access opportunities worldwide. They believe that geographic location cannot be a limit anymore and they want to work from the places they love. Speakers and topics 2020 : not announced yet.

Top speakers in 2019 : Marcus Wermuth, Mobile Lead at Buffer , Tammy Bjelland, CEO at Workplaceless and Jaime Lopez, CEO of The Agile Monkeys.

Running Remote

Austin, USA | April 20-21, 2020

Running Remote is a conference that will teach you next-level, actionable strategies and tactics that you can utilize to manage and grow your distributed team. Among the speakers there are: Top topics include: Wade Foster, Co-founder & CEO, Zapier, John Eckman, CEO, 10up and Matt Kepens, Founder, Top topics include: How to build your remote team.

Freedom X Fest

Ubud, Bali | April 8-12, 2020

Freedom X Fest is an event that is aiming to connect and inspire those who are committed to shattering limiting beliefs, creating new paradigms and changing the world, today. The event is hold in The Mansion Resort, a boutique resort in the artists community of Penestanan, just a few minutes drive from the center of Ubud. Top topics include: How you can optimize your location independent lifestyle with help of the invited mentors.

7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

Cape Town, South Africa | October 2020

7in7 are a series of DN conferences hosted in seven years on each of the seven continents. The seventh annual will take place in Antarctica in 2022. 7in7 is reserved for experienced nomads, so you should be a DN at least for one year before joining the event. The coference already took place in Barcelona, Bangkog, Medellin and Wellinghton and this year they are heading to Cape Town. Speakers and topics 2020 : not announced yet.

Coworking Unconference Asia

Bali | March 5-7 2020

CU Asia hosts experts from industries and disciplines beyond the coworking world… and explore their ideas and innovations using a distinctive coworking lens. Topics include: Coworking: The Future of Work, Coliving: Building better communities, Colearning: Sharing skills and insights. Speakers include: Alex Hillman, Co-Founder Indy Hall, Ashley Proctor, Founder, Creative Blueprint & COHIP, Executive Producer GCUC and Christoph Fahle, Founder and CEO betahaus & One Coworking.

Nomad Cruise

St. Maarten to Portugal | 25 April – 2 May, 2020

Imagine a big group of like minded people on an all-inclusive cruise. The Nomad cruise is attended by 250+ entrepreneurs and digital nomads, so you can easily meet there your future business partners/friends. The Nomad Cruise is starting at St. Maarten, you will stop in Azores and Antigua and after eight days you will reach your final destination: Portugal.

Nomad Train

Moscow to Ulanbaatar | 18 May – 2 June 2020 or 8 -23 September 2020

This is an epic journey starting in Moscow and ending in Ulanbaatar, crossing the biggest county in the world. The organizers are team of nomads originally from Russia. During the trip you will visit six cities including Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Irkutsk. You will also visit coworking spaces in each of these cities and meet local creative communities.

Coworking Europe

Vienna| November 25-27 2020

More than fifty speakers and panelists will share their thoughts and best practices with an audience made out of coworking space operators, facility managers, real estate pundits as well as city councils representatives, public development agencies, universities or startup incubator managers. Among the confirmed speakers there are: Iris Wolfer, Sales and House Management at Coconat Klein Glien, Peter Ceresnik, Member of the Board at HB Reavis and Bartosz Chmiel, Brand & Marketing Manager in HubHub. To topics include Innovation in the corporate sector, Entrepreneurship development and Mobility management.

GCUC conference

Seattle | April 20-23, 2020

GCUC is a global coworking community rooted in 30-plus conferences and gatherings around the world. It began as the global coworking unconference conference and it has grown into a game-changing organization at the intersection of real estate, technology, wellness and the future of work. Among the speakers there are Christine Andrews, Deco Group, Liz Elam, GCUC Executive Producer / Link Coworking and Giovanni Palavicini from Front.


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