Why is it better to relocate for months instead of traveling to new places every week?6 min read

Why is it better to relocate for months instead of traveling to new places every week?6 min read

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Are you wondering how good would be to discover new places every few months? Or do you think you can’t afford traveling? I will show you that you’re not right when you say it’s impossible.

Regular traveling

Okay, so how does a regular traveling look like? If you’re lazy, you go on travel agency websites and pick a nice looking offer and when the day of traveling comes, pack your bag with full of stuff, go to the airport/train station and travel to your chosen destination. You spend a few days there, usually, it’s a week long and then you come back home. If you’re not lazy you can book everything on your own schedule. Book tickets and your hotel room. And most of the times it’s cheaper to book them on your own than with travel agencies.

Relocating every few months

Compared to the regular travel plans, relocating is really similar, although it isn’t. You book everything for yourself, get the tickets for the airplane, train or buses and you also book your accommodation. The huge difference is in your accommodation. You don’t stay in really expensive hotels or hostels. You rent an apartment or house instead. Here come the funny thing and people can’t believe it. It’s much cheaper to stay in a (luxury) apartment on the beach than staying in a downtown hotel for a week.

For example, you can go to Thailand and rent a very luxurious apartment or house near the ocean for $300-$450 a month. Plus, food and everything is cheaper there than in other more developed countries. And this is just an example, there are several places around the world which can be cheaper to live in than your hometown.

The idea of Mini-Retirements

Tim Ferriss introduced us the awesome concept of mini-retirements in his bestseller book, The 4-Hour Workweek. You take mini-retirements every few months instead of just one big retirement at the end of your life. It’s better because you can experience the joy of retirement and can have some rest during your young ages. When you are old and you have health problems or you are burnt out, you can’t enjoy your free time as much as you could do it in your youth.

Mini-retirements will also boost your energy levels and you will be able to return to work with huge motivation instead of getting tired of everyday work and the grey weekdays.

So retiring often is an awesome idea because it won’t just make you feel alive, you will also get energized and you can discover new and beautiful places.

The truth is, saving for your mini-retirements isn’t different than saving for a new car or house deposit.

But I have a job…

You can say “But I have a job and I can’t do this”. In some cases, this can be true, when you think you have an evil boss, or you’re really attached to your office or a single place. However, in most cases, you can ask your boss to be able to work from home (they don’t have to know where you are) and if it’s working well, you have a good performance you can even ask them to work always from home office. This way you can get complete location free and you can follow the things above.

If you want to follow this path and you want to keep your job, start in small with one day per week and then ask your boss to increase the days until you won’t be in the office, ever.

But I encourage you to start your own online business which will immediately give you this freedom and you can stay everywhere you want, anytime.

But I don’t have money for this…

You can also say “But I don’t have enough money for this”. Okay, money can be a problem. But you can always sell your belongings. Sell your TV, wardrobe, any unused stuff, you get the idea… I follow a rule if I don’t use something for 6 months I sell or drop them away, this way I can always be clutter-free. I really encourage you to do this. You will also get some money from your old things.

You can also get a better job, or take a second job and collect some money before relocating to new places. However, as I mentioned above, my best advice is to start an online business and you won’t have problems with money or time.

Enjoy Life and Do the Things You Want

A lot of people try to find big meaning in their lives and in the long run when they get old they haven’t enjoyed their lives. You should follow your dreams and your inner sound. Do the Things You Want! It’s more important than anything in life. Without joy and excitement, our life is nothing. When you travel around the world and discover beautiful places you will feel this “weird” feeling. Finally, you will be able to have some rest. You can break out grey and boring weekdays and get excited. It worth more than anything, let’s enjoy your life.

Get to know places better

When you move to a new location, you will try to act like a local people and you can find hidden but awesome places. You will know where you are, maybe you will meet new people and make new friends at your “new home”. When you compared this to staying at a place for a week, where you can’t discover anything deeply you will find this adventurous and amazing. Simply walking around a region will give you so much insider information about the place and you will feel yourself like when as a child Santa came around.


It’s a more convenient way of traveling to relocate for a few months to your chosen place. In the long run, you can even discover that you will even save money with living in a far place than in your home. With mini-retirements you can get energized and you will get back to work more motivated. You will also have a lot of good experiences and memories, which is really important.

Written by: Blaise Nace, a digital nomad traveler, programmer, blogger, dog lover and a geek :). Originally published in Excited Traveler


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