Could Edinburgh become the next must visit destination for ‘veteran’ DN?4 min read

Could Edinburgh become the next must visit destination for ‘veteran’ DN?4 min read

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We are facing a shift in the preferences of ‘veteran’ digital nomads, who are starting to focus less on typical  beach destinations and more on less crowded places with untouched nature and/or mountains. Most ‘veteran’ digital nomads are tired of typical beach destinations such as Bali or Thailand and they want to experience something different, new, but still exciting.

Could Edinburgh become the next must visit destination for ‘veteran’ digital nomads?

Let’s find out more about the city;

Few facts about the capital city of Scotland

Edinburgh is a hub for tourism in Scotland and no more so than in the month of August when the Fringe Festival comes to town. This is the largest international arts festival in the world and the city explodes with life. It’s truly a beautiful destination which offers a medieval old town steeped in history and a Georgian new town. Look down and you find an array of hidden pubs and trendy basement bars (try to find ‘Bramble’ next time you visit), look up and you see Edinburgh Castle perched above the city on Castle Rock, an extinct volcano.

For anyone looking to escape the busy city centre and take a break from their laptops the options are endless. Pick up a coffee and wander around the beautiful Royal Botanic Garden, head to Portobello beach for ice cream, make your way up Arthurs Seat for views over the city or put your walking boots on and head out to the Pentland Hills, just don’t forget your rain jacket!

Coworking Spaces in Edinburgh

As I’ve come to understand coworking comes in various forms and there is no standard set up. In Edinburgh some spaces cater towards specific sectors such as tech, some are small studio spaces made up of creatives and others are much larger and open plan, featuring a café, comfy seating and outside space. Of course, these types of workspaces are not confined to the city centre either with coworking hubs emerging in the outskirts of the city, often in Libraries or as an extension of current workplaces. Regardless of set up these are all coworking hubs and home to a growing number of Edinburgh based coworkers.

When considering why more people in Scotland’s capital are opting to cowork, and we’ve certainly seen an increase in these type of enquiries, I put the question to our current coworking members. Ahmed, a Principle Data Scientist and remote worker, told us that he enjoys working amongst a diverse community with people working in different fields, he also mentioned that he finds there to be less distractions than working from home. Stephen, an IFA, advised that he and his colleague chose coworking over a private office because they enjoy company, diversity and connection, adding ‘We’ve co-worked for the last eight years, and wouldn’t want it any other way’.

When asked what they look for in a coworking space our member feedback included; speedy internet, big desks, communal space, meeting rooms, phone booths, kitchen facilities and a central location. Interestingly the following also came up ‘conviviality’, ‘mutual respect’, ‘kindness’ and ‘community’. Suggesting that members choose a coworking space based on more that it’s features and amenities, which are of course very important, but also the overall working environment and positive atmosphere created by their fellow coworkers.

The best time to visit the city?

Absolutely in August, during the Fringe Festival. The world’s largest arts festival happens in Edinburgh every August and is one of the top things to do in the city. You can see thousands of performers over the city to present shows of all kinds and for every taste. The work on show ranges from big names in the world of entertainment to unknown artists looking to build their careers.

Written by: Olivia Ripley, Marketing at Strathmore Coworking, Edinburgh , who loves to travel both further afield having lived and worked in Canada and closer to home, enjoying everything Scotland has to offer.


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