How a $15 bag of potatoes changed my life

I’m having my mid-life crisis. Not a buy-a-red­-convertible or get-a-hot-new-twenty-something-guy kind of mid-life crisis, but the sort you have when you get home from a three-month digital nomadding stint in Vietnam and discover that bags potatoes have jumped to $15 (seriously! WTF potatoes?) You then re-evaluate where you are in life, what’s most important to you, who […]

Florence, Italy – A Digital Nomad’s guide

Florence is not just a touristic spot. Not only the cradle of culture or one of the most important art cities. It is also a great place to live. Florence makes you absorb the Italian lifestyle. Being it situated in the heart of Tuscany, it is surrounded by amazing landscape. The architecture and the ambiance […]

52 Ideas of What to Do in Goa, India

There are so many fun things to do in Goa – it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular places to visit in India. If you do decide to follow the Konkan coast down to Goa then prepare for some serious tanning time. With some of the country’s best beaches along this bay – like […]

Digital nomad lifestyle: pros and cons

Well, the most obvious con of being a digital nomad is having to call yourself a digital nomad… can someone please come up with a less nerdy sounding name?! A digital nomad is someone who is officially homeless. They roam around the world staying in hostels, hotels, Airbnb’s or wherever they fancy while earning a living working online. […]

Prague, Czechia – A Digital Nomad’s guide

Oh Prague! Prague is my home, it is a place where I feel safe and happy. What I love the most about Prague? That is hard to say, because there are so many awesome things to do in this city. Where to stay: Andel – For PARTY nomad I live in Andel district. Everything about […]

What is so special about Cambodia?

The warm, hard-falling rain had passed, and the shy sun peeked once again from behind a small spattering of clouds. In the distance near the vanishing point of the horizon, bright stabs of lightning gracefully throbbed in the sky with the frequency of a slow pulse. This is the beginning of the rain season on […]

Lisbon, Portugal – A Digital Nomad’s guide

I think Lisbon is the most beautiful city in Europe. It has so much to offer, great architecture, sunny weather, amazing and cheap food, many bars, beautiful beaches and stunning views from its numerous rooftop bars… Where to stay: This depends on your preference, however these are the places I would recommend: Saldanha : For […]

20 Travel Ideas for Your Bucket List

Do you have a travel bucket list? I don’t 🙂 But I believe that a bucket list may help to create a vision, energize and convert dreams to reality. The world is a magical place – alive with wonderful and well-known adventures. These days, we have it at our fingertips – in the magazine, on our screens or just an […]

Could Edinburgh become the next must visit destination for ‘veteran’ DN?

We are facing a shift in the preferences of ‘veteran’ digital nomads, who are starting to focus less on typical  beach destinations and more on less crowded places with untouched nature and/or mountains. Most ‘veteran’ digital nomads are tired of typical beach destinations such as Bali or Thailand and they want to experience something different, […]