Budapest, Hungary – A Digital Nomad’s Guide

Often times, major cities get mixed reviews. Budapest is not one of those cities. Find someone who has visited, ask them how they liked it, and I guarantee they won’t have a bad thing to say. Not only is the city extremely affordable, but there will never be enough time to visit all of the […]

The Future of Spaces – Niche Coworking Spaces

Are you looking for a specific type of a coworking space, such as female only, dog friendly office or office for writers? We have some tips for you. Coworking Space for Parents Are you a mama whom is also working as a freelancer and do you find it almost impossible to work from home? A […]

Malta: an ideal place for Coliving

Coliving is a new way of living together, improving together and having fun together. The perfect option to break out of routine and creating a new creative work environment. Malta is not only the perfect place for a holiday, an adventure and to relax. It is also the perfect place for Coliving – a new […]

Best Destinations for DN Girls

There are plenty of great places that solo female travelers can visit and live in. The list is too long to squeeze in just one post! Even after visiting over 50 countries myself, I know there’s still so much to see in the world. But after 15 years circling the globe, here are some of […]

8 reasons why Valencia is one of the best places for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad in Valencia What not to miss:   Ruzafa, Dulce de Leche, Fabrica de Hielo, Language exchange meetings, Mercat de Ruzafa, Paella Valenciana, Horchata and famous oranges… It was a love at first sight! I personally think that Valencia is far better place to stay that its ´bigger sister´ Barcelona, that is crowded, full […]

All That is Awesome About Being a Digital Nomad

I think there are so many good things about being a DN , that is even hard to count them all, so we would love to bring you at least few of them… Thank you Nicky Cullen for this great piece! Have you the itch? A desire to drop everything and pursue life as a […]

A typical day in a life of a digital nomad

Do you want to know how a day in a life of a digital nomad looks like? I was also curious, until I realized it’s becoming my reality. Packing I am stepping on a mission of finding my freedom. It may work out, or it may not. But the most important thing is to try […]