Do you have a travel bucket list? I don’t 🙂 But I believe that a bucket list may help to create a vision, energize and convert dreams to reality.
The world is a magical place – alive with wonderful and well-known adventures. These days, we have it at our fingertips – in the magazine, on our screens or just an affordable flight away. We desire to experience something unusual, when traveling.
I would like to share with you a list of 20 cool travel bucket list ideas. All travel inspirations are based on my experience!

1. Sandboarding in the desert oasis of Peru

Huacachina is a small natural oasis in the middle of the desert, just 5 km away from Ica town in Peru. It is a home to some of the greatest adventures in Peru! And sandboarding is one of them! You can stand on the board, you can seat, but the most enjoyable option is to lay down on your belly! It’s a freaking awesome experience and one of the best travel bucket list ideas in South America.

2. Trekking in Huaraz, Peru

Huaraz is one of the most interesting spots for mountains and nature lovers in Peru. This beautiful town located at 3059 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra attracts travelers from all over the World. It is filled with hiking and trekking tours from beginners to advanced mountain enthusiasts. The scenery of Laguna69 just blew my mind!

3. Hang out with Kangaroos in Australia

Selfie with a kangaroo? Only in Australia! There are plenty of places to see and to even feed kangaroos in Australia!

4. Meditate with monks in Thailand

One of the top travel bucket list ideas in Thailand, is to go on a meditation retreat! Meditation helped me to eliminate misinterpretation about spirituality, encouraged to self-discovery and gave me the time to reflect. Today, I know that it was one of the most spiritual experiences during my travels. And I am pretty sure that Thailand is a perfect place to start your journey with meditation.

5. Swing at the End of the World in Ecuador

It was freaking scary! Imagine ride a swing 2600 meters above sea level with the incredible view of the wild jungle! This unique swing at the end of the world is located in Baños. Ecuador is waiting for you!

6. Stay with indigenous people in Amazonia

I stayed with indigenous Kichwa family in Ecuadorian Amazon. I got my face painted, drinked chicha de yuca and learnt how to use a blowgun. Well, I guess I’m not much of a hunter, but it was an unforgettable experience! You should definitely add it to your travel bucket list ideas!

7. Surf in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a surfing mecca and it attracts many professionals who are looking for massive rides and the most incredible waves. One of my favorite places to surf is Santa Teresa, which from the low-keyed town, it turned into a world famous spot for surfers, beach lovers and yoga practitioners.

8. Stay on a remote island in Indonesia

Have you ever dreamed to completely disconnect with the World? Indonesian islands are some of the most unspoiled islands in the world. Discover your own new secret spots and be surrounded only by crystal clear water, palm trees and pure white sand!

9. Learn salsa in Cuba

Nothing can beat Salsa Cubana in Cuba! Cuban music can be heard all over in Cuba’s night clubs, restaurants and streets, so it just makes your feet dance to the rhythm. You feel the vibrant energy from the people and the city itself.

10. Spend a romantic weekend in Paris

This is probably one of the most popular travel bucket list ideas in Europe! Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is a top destination in the world. Walk through the charming cobbled streets, take a picture in the front of the Eiffel Tower, eat croissants for breakfast and drink champagne at night. This is a place to treat yourself!

11. Eat the one and only Pastel de Nata in Portugal

This Portuguese egg tart dusted with cinnamon is the most recognizable dessert in Lisbon! And it just melts in your mouth. Accompanied by a perfect cup of coffee at a local cafeteria is something that you have to try in your lifetime!

12. Explore the world’s biggest ice labyrinth in Poland

Just few minutes walk from the Great Krokiew in Zakopane is located the Snowland full of fun and magic! The giant ice labyrinth first stood in 2015/2016 winter season and right away was considered as the most unique attraction in Zakopane. The incredible construction is made of thousands of independent ice blocks leaning on each other and polished to fit without an additional supporting structure.

13. Eat, pray, love in Ubud, Bali

When thinking about best travel bucket list ideas, I couldn’t forget about famous eat, pray, love in Ubud!
Ubud is a perfect place to have a little moment for yourself. From morning yoga practices, bathing in the pools at the sacred temples, delicious healthy food, meditation to spiritual retreats, this little Balinese town heals and gives opportunity for self reflection.

14. Explore Ireland’s countryside

I found Ireland’s countryside so mesmerizing! Last year, I did a road trip along the South and West coast of Ireland and I absolutely love it! Surrounded only by cheerful sheep, cows and goats, I finally tasted the real Irish vibes!

15. Volunteer with kids

I am happy to be a part of the Givingway Family. As the new Ambassador, I want to encourage you to take the first step! Travel with purpose, discover different cultures, experience something truly remarkable. Be a volunteer.

16. Sleep under the starts in the desert of Jaisalmer

The desert is a place where silence suits well. Where being present is the only thing I have in my mind. Sleeping under the stars in the desert of Jaisalmer was true and authentic experience, that I will never forget. The sky was so clear that I couldn’t stop staring at the stars…

17. Learn about Ayurveda in India

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest and most powerful mind-body medical systems. I love to call it, a science of life. Ayurvedic medicine is based on a variety of products and practices, which help people to stay healthy, strong and lively. When you know your mind-body type, you can make smarter choices regarding your diet, medicines, exercises and daily life. It is believed that our wellness depends on a balance between the body, mind and spirit.

18. Explore the Philippines with a scooter

Having the freedom of a scooter is my favorite way to travel in the Philippines. You can explore the island the way you like, stop wherever you want and stay in each place as long as you need. And the most important part – it’s so much fun!

19. Wildlife safari in Sri Lanka

Sri lanka is home to some of the most magnificent wildlife! From Asian elephants, crocodiles, sambar deers, sloth bears, wild buffalos, jackals, chameleons to numerous species of birds! Yala National Park is consider as the most visited National Park in Sri Lanka, as it claims the highest leopard density in the World.

20. Discover Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

The surreal Gardens by the Bay is a major tourist attraction in Singapore. A mix of Super Trees, living plants, structures, colorful pavilions and indoor waterfalls just blew my mind! What a gorgeous green oasis in the heart of Singapore! ❤️

Written by: Kinga, a solo female traveler and adventurer who seeks for the simple beauty at every corner of the World. 

Originally published in Adventure Catcher